Company Overview

Crowne Ventures Inc (CROWNE) is a mining company engaged in the exploration, development, mining, and processing of precious metals. The Company has focused these efforts in the Tecuala Mining area in the State of Nayarit, Mexico.

Crowne’s vision and mission for the development of mining operations is to partner with well established local companies to acquire and develop known and proven reserves of existing ore bodies. The Company will engage in smaller capital cost mining projects and develop income generating mineral production. In doing so, the Company will engage in environmentally friendly and sustainable operations adopting the best mining practices.

Undertaking smaller scale mining projects would act as a catalyst into providing initial investment for the development of larger scale mining operations and serve as the engine for growth.

As Crowne begins larger scale gold mining operations it will be engaged on the extraction and production of precious metals, gold and rare earth minerals; with bullion bars as the finished product.

The indication of a healthy deposit of gold and other minerals in the Tecuala District makes this area attractive to mining and mineral production. With notably known world- class deposits of gold, the area provides an excellent opportunity for Crowne to undertake field explorations that will generate meaningful results, and likely increase the company’s mineral reserve potential.

The company has experienced management, and has also engaged the services of seasoned mining experts and several support professionals who have experience in the business and implementation of mining operations on an international level.