Mining Properties

The Gallo de Oro Property

The Company has focused their current operation on its Gallo de Oro Property.

The Gallo de Oro Property is in the Tecuala Mineral District, which is located in the State of Nayarit, Mexico.  This Property is in what is considered to be a widely mineralized area and identified as a major deposit of gold and other minerals. The Area has been widely explored and is currently being successfully mined by several known mining and geological institutions.

Based on geological findings on the Gallo de Oro Property, a resource/reserve estimate was calculated on reserves on the Property. Data was obtained using polygon approach and with several considerations taken hence defining the estimate on the basis of three (3) categories, measured, indicated and inferred.

The resource estimate was further refined and a mineable reserve was produced using geologic reserve interpellation. The Philosophy of the company is to commence mining whatever viable reserve is available and continue with exploration that would be financed internally to increase the resource since the potential of the area is overwhelming.